Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Home Alone

There are some totally weird and funny things girls do when they are alone at home

Girls are sensitive, bored and sometimes gross creatures when they are alone. When they are alone, they do things which they won’t imagine to do when someone is around. They do some really weird and funny things when they are ‘home alone’ time.

  1. Staring at the mirror is one of the most liked hobbies of girls. They would stare at it for hours and sometimes do nothing when they are alone.
  2. Wear what they want. They would take those ‘guards’ and ‘gadgets’ out which they wore only to look beautiful and sometimes sexy.
  3. Stalking ex’s girlfriend and ex’s of the ex’s new girlfriend.
  4. Try to watch TV and can’t focus at it.
  5. Dance without any sequence and try to copy someone’s steps.
  6. Singing and trying to be Madonna.
  7. Thinking of herself as starring in ‘Friends’ and practice acting weirdly.
  8. Cook, ruin something and think of going to MasterChef.
  9. Think of losing some extra flesh and discovering new techniques of exercise.
  10. Fantasizing and talking to an invisible audience.
  11. Thinking of new ways of makeup and extra hairs. Sometimes talking to a hair.
  12. Screaming and fearing of ordinary sounds.
  13. Discovering new forms of Instagram photos.
  14. Talking to famous actors like they are fond of her.
  15. Trying to pose for a sexy selfie and thinking that their boobs are not enough to make one.
  16. Thinking of ways to grow boobs.
  17. Taking and locking away some nude selfies.


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