Trump’s impression in India, Trump Village Unveiled

trump village india haryana modi
Image: AFP

Trump Village unveiled in India ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s US visit and a huge banner has Trump’s photo on it

A village from Haryana, India has renamed itself to Trump Village and a huge banner says “Welcome to Trump Village”. It is an unusual gesture which is aimed to pay tribute to Donald Trump, US president.

Some huge posters and flowers were used to stylize the village for the event. The village heads and an NGO presided over the event.

The water and sanitation group Sulbah suggested the name. They have been installing toilets in the village. Bindeshwar Pathak is the founder of the NGO who hit upon the idea in his recent visit to US.

“I was speaking there and I thought why not in the name of Trump?” Mr Pathak told AFP

The villagers are really happy about the change and the children carried cards which said ‘Trump Village’.

This is not the first time Indians are doing something to pay tribute to Trump, they fed cakes to a giant poster of the president at his birthday.

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