Saudi Arabian Woman who wore Miniskirt in a Video is Arrested – Police Claims

Saudi woman arrested wearing miniskirt clothes
Image: Video Capture

Saudi Arabian police arrested the woman who wore a miniskirt in a viral video

A viral video came into news when a woman who was walking through a historic site in the ultra conservative kingdom considered offensive by Saudi police. They claim that they have arrested the woman who wore a miniskirt and crop top in the video.

Videos consisted off a series uploaded initially under the Snapchat account named Model Khulood. After that a lot of users uploaded the video to Youtube and tweeted it.

A police spokesperson told Sabq and Okaz that the woman is questioned and she has confessed that she visited the site with her male guardian. But she denied to state that she uploaded those viral videos to the internet.

Saudi Arabia is already infamous for their strict rules over public clothing. As a result of this case going international, the government is being criticized for suppressing human and women rights.

Links for more details: CBS | NYTimes | Independent

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