Prada’s latest blunder – $185 Prada Paperclip, Money Clip


Prada solves your problem to get a cheap gift for your cousin – A 185 dollars paperclip money clip

Gifts are really important when it comes to building and taking care of relationships. Prada is one of the top names which click one’s mind when choosing a gift. But everyone can’t afford this luxury. However, the handbag company has solved this problem by introducing a cool gift for your relative or a friend. And the cheapest Prada product is a paperclip or money clip which will cost only 185 dollars.

The paperclip will not provide you with anything else you could think of, which will worth your money. The only quality it holds is that it is a polished, sterling silver paperclip which has “Prada” embossed on one side.

It will be really interesting to see how shoppers respond to this when you can get dozens of paper clips for a single dollar. Internet and social media is already taking good care of their blunder. A lot of users made fun of this new luxury style statement accessory by the company.

The clip is available on Barney’s and it is available in simple and twisted versions.


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Twitter responded against 185 dollar Paper Clip.

Twitter users always respond to some of the unusual activities going around the world and this one is no exception. People made fun and used pun to make the product look like stupid.

It is not the first time when some company did this sort of thing. A few days back Balenciaga offered a shopping bag for US$2,145.

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