A Muslim Woman became Miss World Australia 2017

Esma Voloder Muslim Woman Miss World Australia 2017

A Muslim woman named Esma Voloder is just named as Miss World Australia 2017

Today is the time when Islam is being condemned and thought of bearing terrorist followers. This image is always distorted whenever a Muslim does good things. This time it is Esma Voloder who won the Miss World Australia 2017 competition according to Arab News.

She was just an infant when her parents fled a Bosnian refugee camp to settle in Australia. She holds a degree in psychology and works as criminal profiler.

I believe Islam is about peace, unity, prosperity and inclusion.

According to Daily Mail Australia she practices Islam and she want to use her new status to bring faith to Islam. Because she has become a celebrity now, she thinks she can do it more effectively.

People tend to blame religion for the atrocities that are happening, but if we do that we take responsibility away from the individuals


A post shared by ESMA VOLODER (@esmavoloder) on

A post shared by ESMA VOLODER (@esmavoloder) on

Watch the highlights of the crowning.

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