A Garbage Man Collected 25,000 Books, Turned into Library

Garbage Man Books Collection Library

A Garbage man from Bogota, Colombia have collected 25,000 books which people threw away

Old books are always like a riddle when it comes to, what to do with them. There are some uses though, donate them to a library, pass them to a friend, leave them in your cellar etc. But, sometimes we throw them in the trash which is really an insult for a book. Jose Alberto Gutierrez (garbage collector) is the person who saved them from trash and made a library out of them.

José Alberto Gutiérrez is a garbage man who belongs to Bogota, Colombia. For the past 20 years he collected more than 25,000 books one by one. He says that books are normally kept separate from trash. He would then examine a book, and get it back to home if it is in good condition.

From the Garbage to the Bookshelf

A garbage collector in Colombia has his own library for children. All the books come from the trash.

Posted by AJ+ on Monday, 27 February 2017

The books now stack up against walls and seem like mountains of pages. The people took notice and slowly they came to borrow the books for them and their children. Jose would also donate some books to schools and children of neighborhood. He has already donated to a lot of schools and communities who can’t afford them.

Other truck drivers also help him for the cause and bring books to him when they find some.

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