Dating AI App lets you Find People with Faces Similar to Celebrities


Dating AI is an app which recognizes faces similar to celebrities from Tinder through AI

The new Dating AI app uses facial recognition algorithms to find similar faces for any photo you upload in it. It searches through millions of profiles on dating apps like Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish and other apps like these. It then lets you click on their profiles to collect more information about the person.

The app does not help a lot in the claimed way but it is fun to try. The app brings a lot of profiles of the people who have displayed the photos of the same celebrity as their DPs (Display Pictures).

The app is however violating terms and conditions of the other dating apps by bringing their data into the app. Because when a user signs up for Tinder, he does not want to be displayed in another app without his permission. Consequently, Tinder have contacted the app developers to inform them that they are violating their terms. Tinder representatives say that the ‘Dating_ai’ developers have acknowledged the problem and said that they will address the issue.

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