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Anastasiya and Sergey makes awesome lutsenko dolls

Image Source: Courtesy of Lutsenko Dolls

Lutsenko Dolls are taking on the world with their beauty and details they bear

Anastasia and Sergei Lutsenko reportedly started making dolls in 2011 and since then they have improved a lot. As a result of their hard work and detail in their artwork, these dolls (lutsenkodolls) are becoming global phenomenon.

These dolls makes everyone fall in love with them. Sometimes I also think that they should have soul in them so that we may tell them how beautiful they are.

LutsenkoDolls often upload the making videos on their Instagram profile. Some of their masterpieces are displayed in the following video.

Links: LutsenkoDolls Instagram

Emmy, Michelle and Elena by Lutsenko Dolls

The Making of lutsenkodolls

The Makers Anastasiya and Sergey

Some other beautiful lutsenko dolls

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