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    Cultural Torture: illustrations to Annoy People from Different Countries

    Cultural Torture: illustrations to Annoy People from Different Countries

    These illustrations are from the online comic series by Cale on Things In Squares. These are cultural tips to annoy people from different countries.

    He speaks through his illustrations that how you may tease people from different countries with different types of ordinary things. For Example: He says that you can annoy some Canadian by calling him American.

    If you have anything to add to the topic, let us know in the comments.

    Links:  Website (h/t: designyoutrust)

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    Korean Artist Zipcy Illustrates Love and Intimacy in Photos and You May Get Emotional

    Zipcy illustrations sensual erotic love

    Korean Artist Zipcy’s illustrations will blow your mind

    Zipcy, whose real name is Yang Se Eun, is a 29-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea. He is not afraid of adding emotions, sensual and erotic elements in his illustrations.

    The following “Touch” series portrays some moments from a couple’s life. They seem not to be able to stay away from one another. The light touches and feeling are evident from the photos. One can even feel what the characters are thinking and feeling.

    Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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    100 Celebrities Without Makeup Show That They Are Common People!

    celebrities without makeup

    Celebrities are always thought to come from out the world because they seem really beautiful on-screen. People don’t think that they are like ordinary people. They are admired as they are without any defects. But all of this is not true in the real world. Because celebrities without makeup are a lot like common people you see everyday.

    Here are 100 photos of different celebrities without makeup which will make you think that they don’t have extra-ordinary skins. It’s just their makeup which makes them more and more beautiful in every public appearance. You should believe that they won’t even come out for shopping without any makeup.

    Check out their profiles by searching at imdb.

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    A Muslim Woman became Miss World Australia 2017

    Esma Voloder Muslim Woman Miss World Australia 2017

    A Muslim woman named Esma Voloder is just named as Miss World Australia 2017

    Today is the time when Islam is being condemned and thought of bearing terrorist followers. This image is always distorted whenever a Muslim does good things. This time it is Esma Voloder who won the Miss World Australia 2017 competition according to Arab News.

    She was just an infant when her parents fled a Bosnian refugee camp to settle in Australia. She holds a degree in psychology and works as criminal profiler.

    I believe Islam is about peace, unity, prosperity and inclusion.

    According to Daily Mail Australia she practices Islam and she want to use her new status to bring faith to Islam. Because she has become a celebrity now, she thinks she can do it more effectively.

    People tend to blame religion for the atrocities that are happening, but if we do that we take responsibility away from the individuals


    A post shared by ESMA VOLODER (@esmavoloder) on

    A post shared by ESMA VOLODER (@esmavoloder) on

    Watch the highlights of the crowning.

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    Saudi Arabian Woman who wore Miniskirt in a Video is Arrested – Police Claims

    Saudi woman arrested wearing miniskirt clothes

    Saudi Arabian police arrested the woman who wore a miniskirt in a viral video

    A viral video came into news when a woman who was walking through a historic site in the ultra conservative kingdom considered offensive by Saudi police. They claim that they have arrested the woman who wore a miniskirt and crop top in the video.

    Videos consisted off a series uploaded initially under the Snapchat account named Model Khulood. After that a lot of users uploaded the video to Youtube and tweeted it.

    A police spokesperson told Sabq and Okaz that the woman is questioned and she has confessed that she visited the site with her male guardian. But she denied to state that she uploaded those viral videos to the internet.

    Saudi Arabia is already infamous for their strict rules over public clothing. As a result of this case going international, the government is being criticized for suppressing human and women rights.

    Links for more details: CBS | NYTimes | Independent

    A lot of people are sharing this story over the internet, choose your network to share!

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    This Tourist Photographed Bad Japanese English Translation

    Japanese English Fail T Shirts

    Japan is land of weird – The tourist proved this by posting these images of Japanese English Fail

    You would visit some place to see wonderful things and if you are an artist you may look at its culture. It is always good to visit new places and see weird things or customs there. The tourist critcrawl from America recently visited Japan and photographed some bad translations in Japanese English.

    He came across some funny and weird translations of English in Japanese mall and photographed them with his iPhone.

    Let us know what you think about these language fails…

    Source: critcrawl

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    Calibri Font May Cause The Downfall of Pakistani Leadership

    Calibri Font Scandal Pakistan Maryam Nawaz Sharif

    A scandal in Pakistan arose when an official document found in “Calibri font” before its release date

    ‘Maryam Nawaz’ is the daughter of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan ‘Mian Nawaz Sharif’. She presented a document from 2006 before an investigation team which is investigating the family’s assets. The document was written in Calibri font.

    She disclosed her ties to the firm Nielsen and Nescoll Ltd before the Joint Investigation Team. The only problem with the truce was that it was typed in Calibri font and the font was made available to public in 2007. While the truce belonged to some dates in 2006.

    So the controversy jumped in the political arena of the country. Everyone rushed to Wikipedia to confirm the date of its release. However some of the workers were really eager to prove their prime minister right, so they edited Wikipedia to prove that.

    Wikipedia was flooded with visitors and editors who edited the dates multiple times from 2007 to 2004. Although the font was developed in 2004 but it was made public with the release of Windows Vista in 2007.

    Saqib Qayyum is a prominent Wikipedia editor in Pakistan. He pushed and recommended the ban on the editing of this article. He further said:

    I was trying to remove the unverified information being added by anonymous people inside and outside of Pakistan. I nominated the page to be locked down due to the dispute.

    Links for more Info: CNBC | DAWN | NEWSWEEK

    Featured Image Source: “Regions in Transformation: South Asia: Muhammad Nawaz Sharif” by World Economic Forum licensed under CC by 2.0

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    KFC Announces Its Own Limited Edition Android Smartphone

    KFC huawei phones launches in China

    Global fast food chain KFC has also dived into smartphone market

    Partnered with Huawei, KFC releases a bright red smartphone to celebrate its opening in China.

    AdAge says that the fried chicken brand was first Western brand to launch in China in 1987.

    The device comes in the fast food company’s trademark Red color with Colonel Sanders’ image embossed in the rear.

    The company is going to offer the smartphone for 1,099 yuan ($162) according to the The Verge. There are only 5,000 smartphones released in this limited edition.

    Remember that the food chain is already famous for usage of technology in their restaurants. They are also ahead of McDonald’s in China.

    KFC_Huawei Smart Phone Spec Highlights

    • 5.5 inch Screen
    • Snapdragon 425 processor
    • 3GB of RAM
    • 32GB of expandable Storage
    • 3,020mAh battery
    • Fingerprint Sensor
    Huawei KFC phone in China
    Image: KFC_Official
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    50 Year Old Mom Is So Fit People Think She’s Her Son’s Girlfriend

    Liu Yelin 50 Year Old Mom - People think her sons girlfriend

    Liu Yelin, 50 Year Old Mom looks half of her age and the secret is only exercise

    It is always women’s wish to look lesser than their age and they try to make it possible through using different types of beauty products. But Liu Yelin is a walking proof that you only have to exercise daily to look half of your age.

    The Chinese 50 year old mom is considered as her son’s girlfriend whenever they go somewhere together.

    “People are often shocked to find out I’m almost 50,”
    Liu said.

    Secret of her extreme fitness is that she regularly exercises for three decades, swims in the lake and weight training is also in her schedule. She lives by the following motto:

    “If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.”

    Source: Youtube

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    These Paper Dragons are Made by Dan Reeder using Newspapers

    Dan Reeder Makes Great Paper Mache Dragons

    Newspapers can also be used to make Paper Dragons

    Everyone reads newspapers and a lot of other things can be done with them besides of reading. Dan Reeder have made a great example of another use of newspapers by making great Paper Dragons.

    People actually call him Monster Man because he claims that he has started making those dragons when he was only two.

    “I made my first dragon when I was twenty-two years old,”
    Dan writes on his website.

    Dan Reeder combines paper mache with cloth and glue to make those paper mache dragons. And they are great pieces of art to watch.

    Link: Website

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    12 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Naked

    Sleeping Naked Surprising Benefits Sleep Nude

    Ever Thought of Sleeping Naked? Because There are a lot of Benefits of Sleeping Nude

    Nothing can satisfy you more than a good amount of sleep. Sleeping at ease may bring more satisfaction. Nothing can be more satisfying than sleeping in your birthday suit, in the buff, unclothed, disrobed, stripped, naked, nude or whatever you like to call it. It will be really interesting and surprising for you that benefits of sleeping naked are numerous.

    Only 8% of people sleep naked according to Forbes’ report. While a lot of others would only have thought about a nude sleep. Those thinkers will have to start getting out their clothes when they learn about the benefits of sleeping Naked.

    Your body and sex life improves when you sleep without clothes on.

    1. Sleeping Naked is Easier

    Sleep Nude to get easy

    It is easier for you and your body to sleep naked. You can expand and throw legs and arms without limit. Your body doesn’t have to limit itself from molding and expanding according to clothes.

    You even don’t have to worry about pajamas and T-Shirts.

    2. Sleep Nude to Protect your Sperm

    Sperm health is essential when it comes to reproduction. If you plan to have a baby then ditch tight underwear and sleep in your birthday suit. When you wear tight jeans, dress pants and boxers throughout the day at daily basis, it becomes essential that you must leave your testicles in lower heat at night.

    Sleep Nude to keep sperms healthy
    Image : Pixabay

    Testicles need less temperature than other body parts to keep sperms healthy.

    Researchers from the National Institute of Child Health and Development and Stanford University had a sample of 500 men for their study.

    These men kept on acting upon their own routines of sleep and dresses for one year. After one year, the researchers analyzed the quality of their sperms and found out that the people who wore boxers in the day and gone commando at night had 25% lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm than others who wore underwear 24/7.

    “We have known for some time that men who increase the temperature of their testicles, either through the heat exposure at work or by wearing tight underwear, have poorer semen quality compared to men whose testicles are cooler,”
    Allan Pacey, fertility expert and researcher at the University of Sheffield in England, told New York Post.

    3. Remove Toxic Proteins

    A recent research from the University of Rochester demonstrated how a good quality of sleep removes toxic proteins from your brain. The study concludes that when you are asleep, brain removes toxic proteins from its neurons that are by-products of neural activity when you’re awake.

    The main catch here is that when you don’t get a quality-sleep, those toxic proteins will remain inside your brain. Consequently they will damage your abilities to think and solve trivial problems in daily life.

    Researchers from the University of Amsterdam found that lowering the temperature of your body will allow you to get into deep sleep. You may do that easily by stripping down to your birthday suit. It will allow your brain to have a sound sleep and release those toxic proteins to restore your creativity every other morning.

    4. Reduces Stress

    Sleep Nude and reduce stress
    Image: Pixabay

    Again it is the matter of better sleep and to sleep well you need your body temperature to be right along with ease and freedom.

    We all know what prolonged stress can do to one’s brain and body. It increases risk of heart diseases, depression and reduced cognitive level. Proper rest is essential to avoid all these diseases and problems.

    5. Boost Your Confidence

    Confidence is an essential part of success in practical and domestic life. There has been a lot of studies to prove this claim that people with higher confidence earn more and lead a happy life. Sleeping nude will make you comfortable in your own skin. With increasing comfort, your self-esteem and confidence boosts.

    6. Burn Calories

    Sleep Nude to burn calories
    Image: Pixabay

    The benefits of sleeping naked also include burning calories. It is already known that we gain weight and flesh when we eat more calories than we consume. Sleeping nude can help burning those calories according to the following study by Diabetes journal.

    5 healthy young men slept in a climate controlled room for 4 months and they were studies along the process. The room temperature was kept at:

    • 1st month: 74 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 2nd month: 66 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 3rd month: 74 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 4th month: 80 degrees Fahrenheit

    The study then concluded that they burnt more calories sleeping in the lower temperatures. Lower temperatures can be reached by sleeping naked or in cooler places.

    7. Lower Your Blood Pressure

    Among other benefits of sleeping naked, your blood pressure also enjoys the situation.

    Oxytocin is a hormone which has many health benefits. When you lie with your partner naked, a boost in Oxytocin is generated. Skin to skin contact sends impulses to the brain and trigger the release of Oxytocin. It then lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety.

    8. Your Skin benefits from it

    Sleep nude will Benefit your Skin
    Image: Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

    We are always busy in daily routines and work which result in not caring about the skin under tight clothes. Sometimes skin may get wet and stay like that for hours or days when you sleep with underwear on. This can always happen in summers and consequently cause some skin diseases like fungal infections.

    Let your skin stay free and at ease without clothes at night. Let it dry and blow the air out. You can lower the risk of getting those skin diseases like fungal infections by getting on bed naked.

    9. Fight Severe Summers

    Severe heat may cause some problems when it comes to sleep comfortably. Summers can be really daunting if you don’t have an air conditioning system. Getting out of clothes may help in this situation.

    Even if you have a good air-conditioning system, sleeping naked can help even then. You won’t have to lower the temperature of a room to that extent and your naked body can even enjoy at higher temperature levels.

    10. Boost your Love Life

    It is one of the most valuable benefits of sleeping naked because we all want to lead a happy and lovable life.

    A British bed sheet company conducted a survey and concluded that people who sleep nude, lead a happy love life. 57 percent of the nude sleepers were leading happy life while 48 percent of pajama wearers were happy.

    It’s not like it is not sexy to take each other’s clothes off, but instead you may think more of it when you are nude. It makes you feel more free and that freedom may lead you into having sex more often.

    11. You’ll have More and Better Sex

    Sleep nude Helps you Enjoy more Sex

    This one is the most obvious endorsement for benefits of sleeping naked. Both of you are naked in the bed and a hug or mere brush of any organ would be much more sensual. It will make you want to have sex even if you are tired or not in mood.

    People who have a habit of sleeping in their birthday suit have more sex than others.

    12. It will Even Save your Money

    It is already discusses briefly in a previous topic. If you sleep wearing those pajamas and T-shirts or any other gorgeous type of sleeping suit, you’ll definitely need a lower temperature in the room. Consequently your AC system will need more power and it results in more burden on your credit card.

    Well, you even don’t need to buy more sleeping dresses and shorts to sleep. That is another point where you are going to save.

    There are numerous other benefits of sleeping naked, which we may have missed out. Tell us if you have any other ideas in the comments section.

    Helpful Links: Forbes | LifeHack | Telegraph | MensFitness | HerBeauty

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    Prada’s latest blunder – $185 Prada Paperclip, Money Clip


    Prada solves your problem to get a cheap gift for your cousin – A 185 dollars paperclip money clip

    Gifts are really important when it comes to building and taking care of relationships. Prada is one of the top names which click one’s mind when choosing a gift. But everyone can’t afford this luxury. However, the handbag company has solved this problem by introducing a cool gift for your relative or a friend. And the cheapest Prada product is a paperclip or money clip which will cost only 185 dollars.

    The paperclip will not provide you with anything else you could think of, which will worth your money. The only quality it holds is that it is a polished, sterling silver paperclip which has “Prada” embossed on one side.

    It will be really interesting to see how shoppers respond to this when you can get dozens of paper clips for a single dollar. Internet and social media is already taking good care of their blunder. A lot of users made fun of this new luxury style statement accessory by the company.

    The clip is available on Barney’s and it is available in simple and twisted versions.

    Image: Barneys.com

    Read also: Weird and Crazy things girls do when they are home-alone.

    Twitter responded against 185 dollar Paper Clip.

    Twitter users always respond to some of the unusual activities going around the world and this one is no exception. People made fun and used pun to make the product look like stupid.

    It is not the first time when some company did this sort of thing. A few days back Balenciaga offered a shopping bag for US$2,145.

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    Trump’s impression in India, Trump Village Unveiled

    trump village india haryana modi

    Trump Village unveiled in India ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s US visit and a huge banner has Trump’s photo on it

    A village from Haryana, India has renamed itself to Trump Village and a huge banner says “Welcome to Trump Village”. It is an unusual gesture which is aimed to pay tribute to Donald Trump, US president.

    Some huge posters and flowers were used to stylize the village for the event. The village heads and an NGO presided over the event.

    The water and sanitation group Sulbah suggested the name. They have been installing toilets in the village. Bindeshwar Pathak is the founder of the NGO who hit upon the idea in his recent visit to US.

    “I was speaking there and I thought why not in the name of Trump?” Mr Pathak told AFP

    The villagers are really happy about the change and the children carried cards which said ‘Trump Village’.

    This is not the first time Indians are doing something to pay tribute to Trump, they fed cakes to a giant poster of the president at his birthday.

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    Anastasiya and Sergey makes awesome lutsenko dolls


    Lutsenko Dolls are taking on the world with their beauty and details they bear

    Anastasia and Sergei Lutsenko reportedly started making dolls in 2011 and since then they have improved a lot. As a result of their hard work and detail in their artwork, these dolls (lutsenkodolls) are becoming global phenomenon.

    These dolls makes everyone fall in love with them. Sometimes I also think that they should have soul in them so that we may tell them how beautiful they are.

    LutsenkoDolls often upload the making videos on their Instagram profile. Some of their masterpieces are displayed in the following video.

    Links: LutsenkoDolls Instagram

    Emmy, Michelle and Elena by Lutsenko Dolls

    The Making of lutsenkodolls

    The Makers Anastasiya and Sergey

    Some other beautiful lutsenko dolls

    A post shared by Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko (@lutsenko_dolls) on

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    Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Home Alone

    Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Home Alone

    There are some totally weird and funny things girls do when they are alone at home

    Girls are sensitive, bored and sometimes gross creatures when they are alone. When they are alone, they do things which they won’t imagine to do when someone is around. They do some really weird and funny things when they are ‘home alone’ time.

    1. Staring at the mirror is one of the most liked hobbies of girls. They would stare at it for hours and sometimes do nothing when they are alone.
    2. Wear what they want. They would take those ‘guards’ and ‘gadgets’ out which they wore only to look beautiful and sometimes sexy.
    3. Stalking ex’s girlfriend and ex’s of the ex’s new girlfriend.
    4. Try to watch TV and can’t focus at it.
    5. Dance without any sequence and try to copy someone’s steps.
    6. Singing and trying to be Madonna.
    7. Thinking of herself as starring in ‘Friends’ and practice acting weirdly.
    8. Cook, ruin something and think of going to MasterChef.
    9. Think of losing some extra flesh and discovering new techniques of exercise.
    10. Fantasizing and talking to an invisible audience.
    11. Thinking of new ways of makeup and extra hairs. Sometimes talking to a hair.
    12. Screaming and fearing of ordinary sounds.
    13. Discovering new forms of Instagram photos.
    14. Talking to famous actors like they are fond of her.
    15. Trying to pose for a sexy selfie and thinking that their boobs are not enough to make one.
    16. Thinking of ways to grow boobs.
    17. Taking and locking away some nude selfies.


    Video Source: Lady Denisse Links: Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest |

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    Dating AI App lets you Find People with Faces Similar to Celebrities


    Dating AI is an app which recognizes faces similar to celebrities from Tinder through AI

    The new Dating AI app uses facial recognition algorithms to find similar faces for any photo you upload in it. It searches through millions of profiles on dating apps like Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish and other apps like these. It then lets you click on their profiles to collect more information about the person.

    The app does not help a lot in the claimed way but it is fun to try. The app brings a lot of profiles of the people who have displayed the photos of the same celebrity as their DPs (Display Pictures).

    The app is however violating terms and conditions of the other dating apps by bringing their data into the app. Because when a user signs up for Tinder, he does not want to be displayed in another app without his permission. Consequently, Tinder have contacted the app developers to inform them that they are violating their terms. Tinder representatives say that the ‘Dating_ai’ developers have acknowledged the problem and said that they will address the issue.

    Links: Website | App

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    Photographer Antoine Repessé makes a Point by Collecting Trash


    Photographer Antoine Repessé collected trash by not throwing it since 2011. He just wanted to make a point by doing that. He wanted to draw people’s attention to the silent problem which lie in our lives. He then created an incredible photo shoot to prove his point.

    Over 70 cubic metres of trash: 1,600 milk bottles, 4,800 toilet rolls and 800 kg (~1,750 lb) of newspapers were collected in the process of collection.

    “The choice of sorting the garbage gives a graphic effect. I tried to produce a perfect picture which evokes something disturbing.”

    Antoine Explains

    He thinks that he has addressed these silent problem in the photo shoot.

    Links:  Antoine Repesséfacebook (h/t: featureshootdemilked)

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    [Video] This Woman has the most Colorful Apartment in the World

    woman most colorful apartment amina mucciolo

    Amina Mucciolo is a Designer who designed her home colorful like fairy movies

    The designer Amina Mucciolo has taken internet when she posted pictures and video of her apartment. The colorful apartment of hers feel really good to eyes. It seems that she is the living in the most fairy place in the world. A lot of bright colors are used in her apartment which makes it like an apartment that is only found in animated movies.

    “It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband,” Mucciolo told Dailymail.

    Links: Instagram | Youtube

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    Maasai Tribe is One of The Last Standing Tribes of the World


    People still live in Maasai tribe and they stick to their customs

    Most of us don’t know that there still are people who live in tribes and they are reluctant to give up their customs, traditions, ways of living etc. It is really hard to imagine that in this modern age, there would be some people who are living far from technology and gadgets. There are people out there who even live in caves. Maasai Tribe is one the last standing tribes in the world.


    In southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania, inhabit the Maasai tribe. They are located at African Great Lakes region and arrived via the South Sudan.


    They speak Maa language but they are also familiar with the official languages of Kenya and Tanzania. These languages include Swahili and English.


    The Maasai are known for their distinctive customs and traditions. Their reputation is built for fearsome warriors and cattle-rustlers.

    The Tanzanian and Kenyan governments have tried to educate them to abandon their traditions but they are reluctant to do so and they stick to their own ways of life.

    Maasai Woman
    Image Source: Wikipedia – licensed under CC BY 2.0


    Maasai mythology and Christianity are the main religions in the community.

    Interesting Fact

    The hospitals of Maasai or nearby city hospitals remain empty of its inhabitants because of very low-level of diseases in them. In 1935 Weston A. Price reported that nearby tribe were disease-free. That is because of their simple and natural diet. A study in 1991 showed that the inhabitants consume average 1 liter of milk.

    Featured Image Credit: “”Maasai Mara, Kenya”” by Paul  – licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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    World’s first water park for people with disabilities


    Gordon Hartman wanted his daughter to play with other kids like her in a park

    Summer is at its peak all over the world except for those countries which doesn’t have the luxury of weather. Water park is one of the most desired places in severe heat. These parks are however not inclusive for the people with disabilities.

    Gordon’s daughter, Morgan, has a cognitive disability which causes problem for her to communicate with other people. He wanted her to play with other kids like her. This caused him to think that there should be a separate place for the people with disabilities like this.

    Hartman then build an amusement park named Morgan’s Wonderland in 2010. He then eyed the waterpark and his team worked with every expert related to the project.

    Therapists, caregivers, parents, doctors, and water park experts helped build this project.

    “Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment,”

    Gordon Hartman

    People can get traceable bracelets to locate their children in the park. PneuChairs, air-powered and waterproof wheelchairs can also be rented for free from the Morgan’s Wonderland.

    “Morgan’s Inspiration Island promises to give individuals with physical or cognitive special needs a place where they can splash and play without barriers,” Gordon said

    Links: Website

    All images used in this article belong to Robin Jerstad/Jerstad Photographics.
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